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Seodaemun-gu,he future-oriented lifelong education city in cooperation with colleges and universities


global learning city in Seoul,


Learning for changes in life,
"Seodaemun-gu Lifelong Education Center" is with you


  • "Seodaemun-gu, the future-oriented Lifelong Learning city in cooperation with colleges and universities"
  • Greetings!
    I am Mun Seok-jin, Mayor of Seodaemun-Gu Office.
    Welcome to the homepage of the Lifelong Learning Center of Seodaemun-gu.
  • We are living in a knowledge-based society that demands continuous education in our workplace and living environment throughout our lives. We are no longer bound by the school-oriented educational system as we have been in the past.
  • Seodaemun-gu is exerting efforts to expand educational opportunities to its residents through the women’s leadership academy, specialized brand courses specific local activities, Seodaemun R3A, specialized programs, support for a Learning circle, etc. With its vision, ‘Seodaemun-gu, the future-oriented Lifelong Learning city in cooperation with colleges and universities,’ we support the growth of residents by equipping them with individual capabilities for the future.
  • I promise to make an effort to create an open society where individuals and the community grow together through education. From now on, I will look forward to your warm-hearted encouragement and constant love.
    Thank you very much.
  • Mun Seok-jin
    Mayor of Seodaemun-Gu Office

About service

Platform of Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning Center, the hub of Lifelong Learning

Location: 2nd floor of Community Service Center, 37, Moraenae-ro 15-gil, Seodaemun-gu (Namgajwa 1-dong)

Services offered

  • Support for a learning club : Use after submitting the application form available in the homepage of Lifelong LearningCenter
  • Strengthening capability of Lifelong Learningworkers : Educating organizations, leaders of learning clubs, and activists
  • Reinforcing capability of adult literacy instructor : Training to reinforce capability of adult literacy instructors
  • Support for Alley Keepers for strengthening a small urban community (Serogolmok) : Training to reinforce capability of Serogolmok instructors and holding meetings
  • Employing bloggers : assigning bloggers on Lifelong Learning and supporting their activities Teaching about humanities: Managing the Jjimjilbang Humanities next to the Lifelong Learning Center

Lifelong Learning Center, the community-based learning space

Invigorating a close network, forming educational circles through knowledge exchange, supporting urban learning communities, Happy Learning Center created by the Ministry of Education

Lifelong Learning Center Programs

Lifelong Learning Center Programs

  • Human-centered program : Book café in Bugahyeon-dong
    Seodaemun-gu wears culture. Untie books, STEAM Bibimbap (convergence)
  • Relationship-centered program : KKumjaramteo in Namgajwa 2-dong
    self-career coaching, Happy Tong-tong, Global project ‘Ohayo’
  • Senior-centered program : Community Service Center of Hongeun 1-dong
    Help me with Hangul, My grandfather and grandmother are changed, I protect my body
  • Academic institution-centered program : Digital Seoul Culture Arts University
    Jewelry coordinate, introduction of barista, To be the CEO of 1-person service – natural cosmetics
  • Career-related-activity-centered-program : Seodaemun Women Resources Development Center
    Dining class for those eating alone, Humanities on your way home, Urban farmers

Serogolmok, the small-scale urban learning community


There were amiable alleys in the past, unlike the urban residential areas we have today. Thus, we named an elevator as a vertical alley, which is pronounced ‘Serogolmok’ in Korean, to support the urban leaning community

Register for desired lectures

  • How to participate : Select a Serogolmok program from the homepage of the Lifelong Learning Center
    → Submit an application (at least a small group with more than five people) → Confirm schedule → Provide education
  • Time : Four times as desired by residents
  • Place : Residents’ association hall, playground, library, school, Lifelong Learning Center, etc
  • Target : Residents of Seodaemun-gu (adult)
  • Instructor : Alley Keeper
  • Fee : Free
  • Program description : Traditional plays, Dance for wellbeing, Accessory making, Coffee brewing, Yoga, Learning Hangul, POP art class, Wise economy class for your household, Art class, Korean history learning from 3rd grade in the elementary school, Korean language for foreigners, Adult English for beginners, Drawing caricature, Lively play for seniors, Planning for a better future, Reading fairytale books by mothers, Speech lesson for self-confidence and leadership, Autumn, books, movies, or stories of lives, Basic literacy – through reading fairytale books, Self-healing with a senior health instructor, Drawing for fortune telling, Drawing folk painting, Teaching history of the neighbor to your child, Learning pre-historic era and modern history through a museum experience, Play guide for seniors, Customized accessory making, Traditional Korean painting, Drawing the four gracious plants, Literary paintings, Physical exercise for seniors, Literacy class, Line dance, Healthy exercise for seniors, Real estate lesson, Live healthy until 100 years old, Foot reflexology

Participation as an alley keeper (resident instructor)

  • How to participate: Submit an application to Education Support Division according to education schedule
  • Participation process: Submit an application → Select → Complete pre-education → Work as an alley keeper instructor → Upload program results in the homepage of Lifelong Learning Center
  • Instructor’s fee: 30,000KRW for 2 hours / session, 4 sessions are the basic

Participation as an alley keeper (monitoring)

  • How to participate: Work as an alley keeper after completing the Alley Keeper course for the Serogolmok project
  • Participation process: Submit an application → Select → Complete pre-education → Work as an alley keeper → Submit a report on evaluation/monitoring
  • Instructor’s fee: 30,000KRW for 2 hours/ session, 4 sessions are the basic

Association for Lifelong Learning , Council for Lifelong Learning Practice

Association for Lifelong Learning

  • Composition: 12 people including experts and organizations related to Lifelong Learning and Office of Education
  • Role: service coordination, consultation, advise, promotion related to cooperation in the organization

Council for Lifelong Learning Practice

  • Composition: 26 people from Lifelong Learning organization and Office of Education
  • Role: Opinion exchange on Lifelong Learning , information sharing, practical network

Forum on Lifelong Learning

  • Schedule: Once a year
  • Target: Local residents, hands-on workers, people concerned in the organization
  • Description: Acceptance and sharing of residents’ opinions on Lifelong Learning , policy proposal, opinion from experts

Research, investigation, and evaluation on Lifelong Learning

Research, investigation, and assessment on Lifelong Learning – by theme

  • Investigation on organization status and learning clubs (once a year, Seoul Metropolitan City)
  • Statistic on Lifelong Learning (once a year, Ministry of Education)
  • Evaluation of projects

Research project

  • Establishment of medium-and long-term development plans, research on Lifelong Learning

Evaluation programs

  • Evaluation on service plan, course, and outcome

Connection with academic institutions and local community

There are nine colleges and universities in Seodaemun.
These academic institutions cooperate for Lifelong Learning through various approaches like planning, studying, and sharing space for residents’ education.

Lifelong Learning in connection with colleges and universities

  • Open Citizens’ University for improvement of democratic civic awareness (Yonsei University)
  • Women’s leadership academy to support local female leaders (Ewha Women’s University)
  • Brand specialized course through specific local activities (Yonsei University)
  • Residents’ Living Health University to reinforce residents’ capability in health (Seoul Women's College of Nursing)
  • Support on national qualification course for the 2nd plan of your life (Myongji College)
  • Academic credit bank supporting course for residents’ continuous education (Kyonggi University (Seoul))

Joint research

Joint research between university and Seodaemun-gu Office on Lifelong Learning

Learning space sharing

Provision of university and college space for residents’ learning (Myongji College)

Support on talent sharing for lecture by colleges and universities

Support free lectures for residents (Digital Seoul Culture Arts University)

Lifelong Learning network of nine colleges and universities – Participation in the Council for Lifelong Learning Practice

Methodist Theological University, Kyonggi University, Digital Seoul Culture Arts University, Myongji University, Myongji College, Seoul Women’s College of Nursing, Yonsei University, Ewha Women’s University, Chugye University for the Arts

Adult literacy education

For the first time, Seodaemun-gu enacted an ordinance on adult literacy education in Seoul Metropolitan City (December 31, 2013). This includes educational support for illiterate adults intended to encourage social participation and activities among people while helping in their growth and development

Support on adult literacy education

  • Organizations for adult literacy education: Seodaemun Senior Welfare Center, Hongeun Social Welfare Center, Seodaemun Social Welfare Center, Daeshin Night School, Social Welfare Center of Ehwa Women’s University, Seodaemun Welfare Center for the Deaf, Seodaemun Welfare Center for the Handicapped
  • Description: Provides support to expenses needed for the operation of adult literacy education

Support on adult literacy education club

Support ‘Seopumdal,’ an educational club composed of adult literacy educators

Reinforcement of capability for adult literacy educators

Support education to reinforce capability of adult literacy educators

Strengthening the learning community

It is possible to participate in a new activity based on the lessons learned.

If there are more than 5 residents, you can apply to a Serogolmok program as a program instructor. There are various opportunities available on Lifelong Learning including the ‘learning club’ conducted with more than 8 residents and ‘learning town school’ conducted with more than 5 residents.

Public participation on specialized programs

  • service description: It intends to expand learning opportunities and reinforce capabilities by discovering and supporting local-customized Lifelong Learning .
  • Areas of support: Areas include local Lifelong Learning , Lifelong Learning programs in colleges and universities, and Lifelong Learning in the elementary, middle, and high school
  • Amount of support: 2 ~ 10 million KRW per project

Public participation on excellent learning club

  • service description: It supports an adult learning club with more than eight people / Seodaemun-gu Lifelong Learning Center (http://lll.sdm.go.kr) registered clubs
  • Areas of support: Capability reinforcement for the learning club participants, learning club network, improvement of civic awareness, revitalized talent sharing, Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), revitalized daily education, operation of the Happy Learning Center
  • Amount of support: 1 ~ 2 million KRW per project

Public participation on learning town school

  • service description: It is a Lifelong Learning project that is planned, operated, promoted, and evaluated by residents.
  • Areas of support: School that helps learning, school for participants, school that solves local issues
  • Amount of support: 1 ~ 2 million KRW per project


Seodaemun-gu Lifelong Learning Center

Present ~

  • 2016

    Moved the location of Lifelong Learning Center, established the 3rd medium-and long-term development plans for Lifelong Learning Selected local Lifelong Learning vitalization project by the Ministry of Education (specialization of existing education city, Happy Learning Center), selected a project for adult literacy education support, operated the 11th ‘Yonsei-Seodaemun Open Citizens’ University’

  • 2015

    Operated 5 Happy Learning Centers and supported Learning Town School Selected as the Best District of Lifelong Learning Incentive

  • 2014

    Appointed as a Happy Learning Center operating city and selected education city specialization project Operated Learning Town School of Seoul Metropolitan Government, changed to Education Support Division (Welfare & Culture Division Resident Autonomy Division)

  • 2013

    Appointed to the Lifelong Learning city, operated Serogolmok vitalization project, operated a model Happy Learning Center, enacted ordinances on adult literacy education support, promoted research on happiness index of Lifelong Learning for the residents

  • 2012

    Established the 2nd medium-and long-term development plans for Lifelong Learning in Seodaemun-gu, opened the Lifelong Learning Center, operated the 8th Open Citizens’ University

  • 2011

    Promoted a survey on Lifelong Learning for the residents, selected council’s resolution for creation of a Lifelong Learning city, had a presentation of the top 5 Learning circles that could change Seodaemun-gu and excellent cases of specialization programs, operated course of branding, participated in Seoul Lifelong Learning Fair

  • 2010

    Operated Seodaemun Redevelopment School, constructed district network with support from Seoul Metropolitan Government

  • 2009

    Promoted Women’s Leadership Academy, specialized program, and Learning circles, selected a project for adult literacy education support

  • 2008

    Newly established Lifelong Learning Team of Education Support Unit for exclusive promotion of Lifelong Learning, hired Lifelong Learning workers, organized Association for Lifelong Learning and Council for Lifelong Learning Practice, established the Seodaemun-gu Lifelong Learning Promotion Ordinances, constructed the homepage of Seodaemun-gu Lifelong Learning Center, operated Lifelong Learning centered university

  • 2007

    Promoted research service on ‘Education-centered Happy and Best District Development Plan’

  • 2005

    Operated citizens’ university


Direction to the Education Support Division

Public transportation

Sinchon Station (subway line no. 2)

Local shuttle bus at Exit no. 3: Bus no. 3 (get off in front of Seodaemun Registry Office)

Hongje Station (subway line no. 3)

  • Local shuttle bus at Exit no. 3: Bus no. 10 (get off in front of Seodaemun Registry Office)
  • Green bus: Bus no. 7713, 7738 (get off in front of Dongshin Hospital)
  • Green bus at Exit no. 2: Bus no. 7021 (get off in front of Dongshin Hospital)
    ※ Parking available for 9 cars (including a parking space for the handicapped)



Education Support Division, 3rd flr., 334, Moraenae-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea (Annex 4, Seodaemun-gu Office, Hongeun-dong)

Contact no

+82-2-330-8273 / 1043 / 1082



Direction to the Lifelong Learning Center



37, Moraenae-ro 15-gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea

Contact no

+82-2-330-1543 / +82-2-3140-8387



Education Support Division, 3rd flr., 334, Moraenae-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea (Annex 4, Seodaemun-gu Office, Hongeun-dong)